Stealth Pool Table is only for Rolls-Royce owners

You wouldn’t bet a Rolls Royce owner to show-off his 9-Ball Pool skills on any ordinary table. No sir! Perhaps a pool table just as opulent as the iconic Rolls Royce cars would allure a deep-pocketed individual into buying one.

Behold the Stealth pool table designed by 11 Ravens which is fit for a luxury seeker who doesn’t mind shelling out a huge chunk of money for a pool table that carries a mind-numbing price which goes well into the six figures.

Luxury and design

The limited edition pool table is inspired by the Stealth Bomber aircraft and the bold aesthetics of its design reflect that very persona. Visually stunning, the table has an aluminum frame structure embellished by black Lucite panels and a touch of 14-carat gold-plating for sumptuousness.

The balls and sticks too are custom designed keeping in theme with the pool table’s design. It can be further customized in choice of lacquer, stain, veneer or laminate. The table cloth can also be tailored to the clients liking.

11 Ravens don’t just want their elite customers to just play pool on this table. If things get boring it can be turned into a ping pong table and better yet, a dining table too. Of course for that, the company also has a set of matching dining table chairs.   

Priced to match the car

Considering that only five of these 11 Ravens pool tables are going to be made and sold, there’s a fitting requirement that only a handful can qualify for. The pool table is only going to be sold to five Rolls-Royce owners who are willing to pay $250,000.

Yes, that sum of money can buy you another fancy car, but then this pool table is not for the ordinary out there!