Summer prep: Fans that’ll keep you cool and look good at home

The hot summer days are almost here and a cool breeze is essential to keep your living space refreshed. While air conditioners do a perfect job in beating the heat, sometimes you’d simply rather have a gentle breeze, fans make possible.

Using a fan doesn’t necessarily mean you have to compromise on the style and decor. There is a myriad of stylish, cool fans that can enhance the charm of your home. To help you make a wise choice – next time you’re hunting for an appropriate fan – we have rounded up the finest models you can invest in this summer.

Nordic Stand Fan

Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian beauty, the Swan Nordic Stand Fan is designed to complement your style while maintaining a powerful airflow to keep your surroundings cool and comfortable. It has four power levels and an easily adjustable height, permitting you to control the fan for preferred air circulation. This beautiful model is available in two color options of grey and white. Buy: £80 ($110)

Pifco Pedestal Fan

This stylish tripod circular pedestal fan is perfect for creating a cool and consistent breeze as it seamlessly blends with your surroundings. It has three power levels providing low, medium or high currents of cool air. The fan head can easily be adjusted across a broad vertical angle, allowing you to tilt it through a wider angle when directing the airflow to different heights. Its sleek copper metal structure and fan blades enhance the durability of the model, while the wood effect tripod legs create a visually appealing effect. Buy: £80 ($110)

Vornado V-Fan

Originally released in 1945, this retro Vornado fan is an iconic amalgamation of style and function. Its sturdy metal built and a unique combination of power, aerodynamics, and elegance make it an ideal pick for any home. Vornado V-Fan features three-speed settings and multidirectional airflow to keep your space cool during a hot day. Its soft mint color and gold metal accents will promptly elevate any room. Buy: $110

Wood Effect Taper Tower Fan

At first glance, this Wood Effect Taper Tower Fan wouldn’t even look like a fan, which is pretty awesome. It has a beautifully sleek wood effect and tapered design, with an LED display screen showing room temperature, a touch control panel, 3-speed settings, and three wind modes. It has both a fixed and oscillating opting, an 8-hour timer, auto-switch off function and remote control offering ease of operation. Buy: £90 ($124)

Floor Fan by Stadler Form

This simple yet elegant floor fan brings a unique ecological style into any room with its formed bamboo frame. It helps cool down your environs with a gentle breeze and can be attuned to a strong current. It has a flexible industrial fan that offers various levels of air circulation and its height-adjustable feet allow exact placement. Unlike taller and bulkier fans, this fan blends into the surroundings effortlessly. Buy: £140 ($195)

Silver Swan Alchemy Fan

The Silver Swan Alchemy fan adds a vintage charm to kitchens and bedrooms alike with its striking design element. Resembling strength and sheer elegance, this fan is rightly sized at 18-inches tall for perfect positioning on furnishings or on the floor. It has base-mounted controls that provide easy access for selecting between three airflow settings. The fan offers sweeping comfort with an oscillating fan head that also tilts, allowing air distribution in all directions. Buy: $249