Super Nintendo World in Universal Orlando Studios opening in 2023

Who doesn’t love hearing anything about Nintendo especially if it’s Super Mario? As major fans of the famous plumber and video game character, we may see more of Mario at the new Nintendo Theme Park. It has yet to come to Universal Orlando but we’re glad to know that it’s been confirmed already.

A team from Comcast made the confirmation after a few years of rumors and speculations. It will take a while before the theme park opens to the public. The expected year of launch if 2023. This will make Universal Orlando even two times bigger because of the addition. It will be a 750-acre park but will be a few miles away from Universal Orlando.

Universal Orlando Studios Will Get Bigger

The large theme park now has 25,000 workers but with the Nintendo addition, some 14,000 employees will be added to the workforce. That’s another good news because more people are getting jobs.

If you’ve been anticipating for the Super Nintendo World Osaka (pictured above), this one will be similar in many ways. It is set to open in Spring which is already soon. As with most theme parks, it will offer shops, rides, and a lot of interactive opportunities that include those classic Nintendo games.

In Osaka or Florida, you can be Mario who will have to use coins. Wear a “power up band” and collect more digital coins that you can use to play games inside the park and against other players.

Live Out the Nintendo Games in Reality

True blue fans of Mario will get to see the Mushroom Kingdom and Peach’s Castle. There’s also Bowser Castle to visit and a Mario Kart to ride.

It seems the idea of theme parks will not die anytime. As long as there are children happy, Nintendo will go on with the noble and fun reason.

Super Nintendo World will first open to Japan with a $544 million budget. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley only had about $450 million of budget. This one also has yet to open at Universal Studios Hollywood in 2021 or 2022.

Universal hasn’t made big announcements about the new Nintendo theme park in Orlando, Florida but it’s something to get excited about. Those two to three years of waiting will fly by so quickly.