adidas Mandalorian shoe collection apt for Star Wars fan’s closet

The Mandalorian season 2 has gripped Star Wars fans in a big way, as the little Baby Yoda keeps everyone pinned to the screens for more. For a die-hard lover of the series, what better can it be than wearing a pair of sneakers dripping with the Mandalorian theme and the essence of its characters?

The official collaboration between Star Wars and adidas has resulted in the Mandalorian collection for every type of shoe lover. There are five unisex pairs in the collection, along with two each for men and women, and one for your imaginative kid.

Tribute to Mando and The Child

The collection is essentially about expressing your emotions about the iconic characters and scenes from the series – Season 1 and Season 2 thus far. $160 NMD_R1 shoes in shades of brown depict the Mandalorian armor (the tongue logo) and the silver details on it look amazing. 

If you love the loyal Armorer, then it’s time to get hold of the Nizza Beskar Steel shoes for $70. The classic sneakers resemble the strongest character in the series with the furry suede stripes and the peculiar tongue label.  

Relive the iconic scenes

From the collection, the $200 ZX 2K Boost Mudhorn shoe etches the showdown between Mando and Mudhorn creature when for the first time ever the adorable Baby Yoda harnesses The Force, on the canvas. This is represented by the sockliner and subtle shades of brown and mint green – portraying the bond between the two main characters.

Then there is the $100 Gazelle Darksaber shoe that brings back the memory of the last season’s finale. This makes sense as Gazelle is the most loved sneaker by the brand. Here the shoe has the 3-stripes glowing like a lightsaber – bringing back memories of Moff Gideon as the holder of the Darksaber.