Ten best cities to travel solo in the US

Traveling does not come easy for all of us and traveling alone, even less so. While it is all about experiencing new places, exploring cultures, and indulging in local cuisines, traveling with people can be a bit of a letdown. Solo traveling offers you the ability to go where you want, when you want, and wonder about the world on your own without having to worry about your companions.

Those willing to travel alone are rewarded with a compromise-free vacation and unparalleled experiences. But picking a perfect spot can be a bit tedious and tricky. If you are new to solo traveling, these US destinations will serve you perfectly and they are as good for a seasoned globetrotter as well. Catering to all kinds of traveling needs from tropical retreats to adventurous expeditions, these are the 10 best US spots for a solo traveler.

San Francisco, California

Public transportation is an important part of your vacation, especially when you are traveling alone. San Francisco has a wonderful transportation system to offer with plenty of mini buses, trains, streetcars, and cable cars that will take you to every corner of the city without spending a fortune on overpriced cab rides. There are many tourist attractions to see, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island, and Chinatown. You can also explore many of its unique museums and galleries, quirky coffee shops, and restaurants to fill your belly and strike a conversation with friendly locals.

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

This small beach city on California’s Monterey Peninsula is famous for its museums and library of the historic Carmel Mission, dreamy cottages, and galleries of its village-style center. Carmel-be-the-Sea is an amazing place to explore on your own. The Scenic Bluff Path connects the surf spot Carmel Beach to Carmel River State Beach that is a paradise for birdwatchers and has a scuba entry point. You can roam about the city, go surfing and watch the sea animals and the whaling museum of Point Lobos State Natural Reserve. Its natural scenery and rich artistic history make it worth visiting.

Seattle, Washington

Washington’s Seattle on Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful city that is surrounded by water, mountains, and evergreen forests. Being the largest city in the state and home to a large tech industry with thousands of acres of parkland, Seattle offers a perfect balance. You will have the access to nature without having to sacrifice comfortable lodging. You can go to the top of the Space Needle, visit the Museum of Pop Culture, and go to Columbia Tower and Pike Place Market. Moreover, you will see a lot of people in the city dining alone or doing solo activities.

Salt Lake City, Utah

One of the best places for solo travelers in the US, Utah’s Salt Lake City is surrounded by mountains and has the open expanse of the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island State Park. This friendly city has great food, plenty of sunny days, and easy access to nature. It is the biggest city in the state and yet it doesn’t feel like a giant metropolis as it gives a very friendly small-town vibe where solo travelers can wander around safely. You can explore various museums, unique architecture, and the rich history of the city.

Grand County, Colorado

Located less than 70 miles outside of Denver, Grand County is the dude ranch capital of the country and is a brilliant place to explore alone. It offers a perfect blend of nature and interaction with the locals. The city has four top-notch dude ranches, which will give you a taste of the Wild West. You can go horseback riding in the mountains, swim in the freshwater, white water rafting, and indulge in many other nature-exploring activates. Aside from outdoor adventures, you can indulge in a modern-day ranch life with home-style cookouts.

Hot Springs, Arkansas

The city of Hot Springs is located in the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas. It is known for its naturally heated springs, many of which are in Hot Springs National Park to the north, which have drawn visitors since the early 20th century. The serenity of these natural thermal water sources is simply indescribable. Solo travelers can soak in these soothing waters on the historic Bathhouse Row that includes Buckstaff Baths, lobby fountain, and museum. Afterward, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage and go for a hike through the dense woodlands.

New Orleans, Louisiana

This Louisiana city on the Mississippi River is best known for its round-the-clock nightlife, vibrant live music and amazing food, reflecting its history of French, African and American cultures. One could say that the city embodies the festive spirit of Mardi Gras. Whilst it has a reputation for extravagant and wild lifestyle, New Orleans is one of the friendliest cities in the US. You can hit the Bourbon Street jazz clubs or plan a trip to the Jazz Museum. Don’t forget a tour of the famous French Quarter, which is lined with local boutiques, eateries, and many Victorian-styled attractions.

Asheville, North Carolina

If you are a hiking and biking enthusiast, then Asheville is a must-visit spot. You can enjoy the great outdoors during the day and chug down beers at night while making new friends. The situation in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, the city of Asheville is known for its vibrant arts scene, historic architecture, and untainted wilderness. Bikers can take on the Blue Ridge Parkway, while hikers can explore the Craggy Gardens Pinnacle with amazing views or climb Mount Pisgah. You can also visit the Downtown Art District that is filled with galleries and museums.

New York City, New York

The city that never sleeps might not be the first place you think when it comes to traveling alone, but New York City is a great place to explore owing to its diversity and culture. The city is known for its iconic skyscrapers such as the famous Empire State Building, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, and many art and culture centers. It has world-class restaurants and accommodation for travelers. The city is easy to navigate and transportation makes it easier to go around. You can discover some of the ethnic neighborhoods such as Little Italy and others or go hit Broadway.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the best places for solo travelers in the US. With diverse cultures and nationalities living on the islands, Hawaii is friendly and welcoming with amazing weather all year round. Honolulu is known for its exquisite dining, nightlife, shopping, iconic crescent beaches, and historic sites. The capital city is a vast area of the urban oasis and green tropical zones that offer an ideal combination of nature and city culture. The historic district in the downtown area features Chinatown, museums, the Lolani Palace, and Capitol building among others. You can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving, and many adventurous activities here.