View the Aurora Borealis from the Northern Lights Wilderness Camp

This is an entry to our travel bucket list we want to be fulfilled. A trip to the Northern Lights is something magical. We know the spectacular Aurora Borealis can be seen from other places but we know the perfect place to view: a Wilderness Camp. The Northern Lights Wilderness Camp is an experience of a lifetime you don’t want to miss so we suggest you start planning and start saving up.

So who are you bringing to the Northern Lights Wilderness Camp? We suggest someone who is really adventurous. Go with many people as much as possible. It will be an experience of a lifetime you don’t want to miss. It’s the right place so why not spend time in it with the right group of friends.

Experience Aurora Borealis with the Best People

Go with a group. You will be spending time inside three sleeping huts as you wait for the Northern Lights to show up. The huts are situated in a place where you can get the best view of the Aurora Borealis lighting up the sky. The best way to watch is to lie on your back and that is possible with the glass roof.

It’s cold outside. Enjoy the snow with the kicksleds and snowshoes provided. You see, it can be Christmas all-year-round here because of the view. You’ll be riding a snowmobile to go to the camp. You will then be served with hot drinks and local snacks. You can cook your own dinner and breakfast for a more authentic camping experience.

Cold Weather Experience Can Be Memorable

Every night of your stay at the camp, you can view the magnificent lights. The night sky is the perfect backdrop for camping because each hut is equipped with the essentials like a wide bed for two, dry toilet, gas stove, and heater.

‘Off the Map Travel’ is the company organizing the Northern Lights Wilderness Camp located in the Finnish Lapland. After a few nights enjoying the Aurora Borealis, visit the SnowHotel in Ravaniemi or the Finnish Snow Sauna. Enjoy a warmer climate in the forests and lakes of Lapland the travel company can book for you too.