Ten style essentials every man needs this fall

Fall sneaks up on us slowly, and then before you know it, the leaves have fallen, the trees are bare, the temperature drops, and it’s time to switch out your wardrobe. You have every right to continue wearing sandals with socks, shorts, and a puffy vest, but in case you’re into to doing the season like a pro, here’s a list of fall style essentials for 2019.

The structured blazer / The timeless tie

Having a blazer is a must in every man’s collection. A structured blazer is going to be your secret style weapon since you can pair it with a hoodie, jeans, and sneaks for a laid-back and low-key vibe. Or you can dress it up with a crisp white dress shirt, tailored trousers and leather Oxfords.

Whether you wear a tie to the office every day or you only pull it out for the special occasion, a tie is a quick and easy way to add a dash of haberdashery to your ensemble – even a casual one. Just be sure to pick out a color that complements your skin tone and a pattern to match your personality.

The fashionable half-zip / The colored denim pant

A fashionable half-zip is a step up from your regular sweatshirt and about as comfortable. The half-zip is an easy addition to your weekend wear. It is versatile and can be layered over a plaid flannel, added to a pair of cool colored chinos and a pair of leather slip-on Chelsea boots. The look is equally as good for kicking it around the house or for beers with your bros.

Give the classic blue jeans a break and opt instead for denim with a little panache. Think colors like mustard, forest green, navy, deep purple and burgundy. No matter the color, be sure to top your bottoms with a shirt of a neutral shade, since anything more will bolster the look in a too bright, loud, and unbecoming way.

The versatile vest / The leather belt

There are so many types of vests to choose from. Whether you decide upon a fleece, a puffer, or cotton-knit vest, it is an easy way to add an extra layer of warmth without bulking it up. Wear it instead of a jacket to maintain a perfectly balanced body temp running either indoors or out. The only caveat is to avoid looking like your heading out for a fishing trip, so go with a sportier style and combine it with a button-down shirt, dark-wash jeans and casual kicks.

Belts are designed to be functional as well as stylish. A belt can be the unassuming accessory that pulls together your entire look. If you tuck in your shirt, then a belt is essential. For a more casual look, especially if you will wear a shirt untucked, go ahead and skip the belt – as long as your pants stay put). For more formal occasions, you’ll want to match the color of your belt with that of your shoes.

The classic stretch blue jean / The popular plaid button down

Most guys already own one or several pairs of jeans. Light washes and distressed denim are fine for casual outings, but if you want to elevate your look, then go with a dark wash stretch jean. You can strike a perfect chord of dressed up-ness and down-ness with a neutral blazer, a muted plaid shirt and lace-up leather sneakers.

Thank goodness for the Scottish Highlanders who put plaid on the map. It’s been clothing fodder for inspiration ever since. A plaid button down is a versatile piece that goes really well with denim. And all you need to do is vary the color to change up your look. For a more laid-back vibe, try a classic red plaid with light denim straight-leg jean and boots. A deep blue or black plaid with dark wash jeans is an even more subdued look.

The preppy polo / The cool chukka boot

Polos have long been favored by East Coast yachters and West Coast skateboarders alike … that being said, it is a true staple. Reflect upon it for a sec and you’ll see that the polo is somewhere between a comfortable tee and dress shirt, which makes it perfect for events that are neither too formal nor too casual. Team it up with a waterproof jacket, colored denim and Chukka boots in down-to-earth tones.

Chukka boots are so on-trend right now and are ideal as a finishing touch. For a casual look, put a pair of light brown suede chukka with jeans, a white button-down and denim jacket. The boots work well for smart and biz casual ensembles too … in which case, you can put black leather chukkas with black jeans, or other dark hue, tailored trousers and a bomb blazer.