Thailand crafts multi-phase plan to lure tourists back

Like every other country, Thailand’s tourism industry took a hit amid the coronavirus pandemic. As the situation tends to improve, Thailand’s Tourism Authority has revealed its plans to reboot tourism in the country. Thailand aims to welcome early visitors in July, with broader entry from September.

As international tourism has been an important part of Thai culture, authorities are looking to create prices to lure tourists in huge numbers. For the first phase of reopening tourism, Thailand has mainly focused on reopening islands like Koh Samui, and various others that are dependent on tourism industry for livelihood.

Alluring Incentives

Lack of tourism for months may have revitalized the country, as it has done all around the world by reducing waste and pollution, but Thailand cannot do without tourism. Therefore with various incentives, the country has laid a multi-phase plan to safely bring tourists back to the beautiful beaches of Thailand.

The multi-phase plan involves providing new strategies for safety and hygiene around all lodging and tourist sites, and to limit the number of inbound visitors in workspaces. Moreover, all tourists would require pre-booked arrangements wherever feasible.

The country has avoided using ‘quarantine’ in the announcements of reopening tourism while hinting that ‘long stay’ discounts will be provided for those who want to stay on. Getting quarantined on a Thai island really doesn’t sound that bad.

A new approach

The country aims to use influencer marketing to reach audiences instantly, especially those who endorse safe enjoyment of Thailand’s unlimited natural beauty. Any budding influencers could benefit from this new strategy of Thai government.

Thailand will be even more amazing post-lockdown, with fewer tourists, subsidies on hotels, and tours. The boundless beauty of the country’s various sites will be more enjoyable after months of rejuvenation. As soon as the lockdowns and travel restrictions are lifted, Thailand will be worth a visit.