The Boundary ARRIS pack with Modular Accessories, makes it easy to organize your gear

With a team that is always passionate about traveling and on the go, discussing efficient travel gear is always on top of the list amongst us. One of the important things that we noticed, is that when you travel with just one bag, it tends to get bulky. So, when you arrive at your destination, it just seems that you have a very big bag to lug around.

Moreover, it is difficult to stay neat and organized with all your luggage packed in just one bag.

To solve problems like this and more, from the makers of the very successful Errant and the Prima modular backpacks, we have today, the Boundary ARRIS pack with Modular Accessories, up for discussion.

This amazingly competent backpack comes with an array of modular accessories that work with each other seamlessly. Boundary Supply strives to create a whole new ecosystem of products that allow you to organize your gear and adapt do your travel goals. Whether you’re out for the weekend or on an adventure or simply taking a break to capture some stunning photography, the ARRIS pack can be customized to your requirements.

It’s Time to Go Modular

The Modular Accessories System that Boundary has engineered, allows you to pair the modules, effortlessly. For example, the Stasis Sling Pack attaches to the outside and is a sling that can hold light clothing, your iPad, camera, and other accessories. It transforms into a crossbody pack that gives you the option to carry it separately while exploring and keeping the rest of the bag safely, at another spot. It features gated aluminum hooks that securely attached to the ARRIS.

If you ask me, the ability of the Stasis Sling Pack to detach from the main backpack is one of its biggest USPs. It comes in handy when you are queuing for security check at the airport. Imagine detaching just this portion, removing your electronic gear with ease and waltzing through TSA check.

The function of the Rift Pack, which is essentially a camera or accessory pouch, is to make it easy for you to quickly grab the essentials and is carried crossbody at the hip. To give you an idea, you can carry your headphones, airpods, credit card, EDC and a small camera, in it.

The Tek Case allows you to protect and organize your accessories on the go. This case includes stretch-mesh accordion pockets that expand to fit in odd-sized gear like batteries and other tech-essentials. Featuring eight individual compartments, cord passthrough and an elastic mega-grid panel for superior cord organization, this case is quite essential to the ARRIS.

Fieldspace 2.0 is ARRIS’ way of providing workflow flexibility for the traveling professional. It features stretch-mesh pocketing, magnetic closure and a document sleeve. It gives quick access to all your tools and it securely attaches inside the ARRIS’ main compartment.

Apart from this, the pack comes with SR2 Lash Straps and Hemp packing cubes, for added convenience.

The Boundary Supply ARRIS Holds the Key to Great Experiences

Along with the internal modular pieces, the ability to attach and detach the external modular pieces makes the ARRIS s an efficient travel companion. Even if you have done TSA pre-check and are carrying too many electronic gears like iPad, laptop and camera, you may get pulled aside for further checking.

Instead of rummaging through a single bag to get your gear out, imagine splitting your bag into two and only working your way through the one bag that holds it all. Leaving the rest of your packing intact.

In our experience, a fully packed backpack can cross 35lbs, so the load lifter, lifts the entire bag and creates a “suspension” like form for the bag, and making it easier for you to carry it. Bare-bones, the ARRIS weighs only 3.5 lbs. with 34 liters of storage.

Crafted from 400D TPU waterproof nylon, seam-taped construction, it offers better water resistance and since it’s made from premium Bluesign materials, this pack is built to last. In total there is seven accessories that can be used with it and three colors you can choose from – Olive/Grey, Rust/Grey and Black/Grey. Each pack comes with one set of lash straps and the roll top shoe/dirty laundry bag.

The travel pack suspension comfortably fits both men and women and has adjustments for heights ranging from 5’4″ to 6’2″. The security features include locking zippers and magnetic locking buckles. To know how you can get your own Boundary Supply ARRIS, hit the link here.

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