The Fifth Addition to The Macallan Golden Age of Travel Series: The Airship

Being a single working mom of two twenty-year-olds, is a tough job. The daily ritual of having my glass of wine and unwinding after a long day certainly makes things easier. I’ve recently however, come to appreciate a good whiskey, and the Macallan Single malt scotch whiskey certainly caught my eye.

This spirit is an exclusive limited edition 35-year scotch whiskey, and is the fifth and final release in Macallan’s Golden Age of Travel series. The whiskey comes packaged in a Lalique crystal decanter and honors the long gone luxurious era of airship travel back in the 1930s.

About the Whiskey

The look of the exquisite decanter aside, The Macallan 1940 whiskey is clearly The Star of the show. This single malt was created back in 1975 and has been aged 35 years since. With a 44.4 percent alcohol content the spirit exhibits an antique oak color.

This whiskey gives off a smoky aroma with undertones of orange oil, dried fruits, and the slightest hint of a floral note of spring blossoms. On the palette however, this aroma is perfectly complimented by the addition of tastes of dark chocolate and a hint of sweet ginger, all with a long lingering sweet peat and citrus finish.

About the Decanter

Such fine whiskey obviously needs to be presented in the most exquisite way possible. This is achieved by displaying this spirit in a French-made hand crafted Laique crystal decanter embossed with the world’s first Civil Air transport machine: The Airship.

As tempted as I am to order myself a bottle, unfortunately for me this whiskey comes with a price tag of $60,000. So as things seem for now, I think I’ll stick to my wine.