David Bowie Monopoly brings non-stop fun for passionate music lovers

Board game enthusiasts who have spent countless hours with the popular Monopoly game by Hasbro know how addictive it can be. But playing it for years now has gotten monotonous and something different can be refreshing.

This is where the David Bowie Monopoly comes into play – literally giving you and your buddies reason enough to reserve the next weekend for an uninterrupted session at home. Tweaking the favorite family board game with elements themed around David Bowie – one of the greatest musicians of all times – it guarantees endless fun with loved ones.

You’ll start but never want to finish

With the monopoly board game, one thing is for sure – you’ll start it and never want to finish. To pep up things, the game tokens and the board sections are obviously designed keeping in mind the musician’s love for music.

For example, the buying property squares on the board are replaced by the choice of buying music albums from the impressive catalog. Once that is done, you can build stages (unlike the houses) and then later create stadiums (compared to the hotels in monopoly). When other player(s) land on your square, rent can be charged for the stadium.

Gameplay that’s irresistible

To keep the gameplay engaging and hard to call it off, there are other elements too. To increase your bank balance, crew or other musicians can be hired. This will also boost your star power. Other elements include the Sound and Vision cards to bring a bit of luck or maybe misfortune to the ones drawing from the cards. Yes, these are the replacement for the Chance and Community Chest cards in the original monopoly game.

The special edition player pieces in the game include star, skull, Pierrot hat, rolled up tie, space, helmet, and lightning bolt. All adding to the freshness of the gameplay for the involved players.  

For those who appreciate music, this one is a no-brainer. Perhaps, having a long session of the game with pals, as music plays in the backdrop will be the ideal pick for audiophiles. So, if you want to own the David Bowie Monopoly, it can be bought right now from Amazon.

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