The Multifunctional Valet Pack Stores Your Essentials for Both Indoors and On-The-Go

With their aim to stay different and ingenious without being over-technical, HARDGRAFT introduces the Valet Pack, which is your one-stop-shop for carrying your everyday essentials. Being a bit of a perfectionist and a multi-tasker, I find myself constantly juggling several things at once, and being constantly in-and-out of the house always in a hurry. So, the common question of, “Has anyone seen my keys?”, is all but well known to me. 

This is why the Valet Pack is great! Not only does it function as a handy sling bag to store my daily essentials when I’m traveling, but it also doubles as a holder AKA ‘Valet Tray’ for the same items when I’m home. All this is achieved with clever design, using a couple of aptly placed magnets.

What Makes It Special

I find myself traveling for work quite often, and it is always a pain managing to keep a track of all my belongings (I keep separate bags for my work items and for my personal belongings). The Valet Pack quite honestly, comes as a blessing to many like me as I no longer have to worry about my everyday essentials, irrespective of if I’m indoors or traveling. 

The sleek and fashionable look of the Valet Pack is made possible because HARDCRAFT manufactures all its leather goods, clothing, and footwear using materials from high quality local Italian and European sources. All this, while never compromising on functionality.

About The Valet Pack 

The Valet Strap measures 6″x8″. It features a wool lining and a removable shoulder strap. Detach the strap, followed by a quick unzip, and it is transformed into the Valet Tray, which makes for a perfect aesthetic and functional addition to your front door area.

The product retails at around $250, which I would usually consider a bit expensive. However, considering its functionality, aesthetic appeal, and the fact that I’m essentially getting two products for the price of one, I am definitely adding the Valet Pack to my wishlist!