This Smart E-bike is the Perfect Alternative to Burning Fossil Fuels

With increasing global awareness about issues like climate change and a degrading air quality index, more and more people find themselves migrating to greener solutions in everything from energy generation to transportation. An average Joe would do as much as taking a train instead of renting an Uber, but the more health conscious amongst us might prefer to cycle.

‘E-bikes’ is a rapidly growing market in this day and age, where we find growing competition between companies trying to out-do each other by coming out with a better, more refined product. Also trying to make it big and leave a footprint (rather less of one) in the E-bike market is the company behind the Angell E-bike.

Design and Modes of Operation

Designed by the revered Ora Ito, this light weight (weighs just 2Kg) sleek looking E-bike already impresses right off the bat, not just with its looks but also its impressive range (up to 70km). The quick charging battery also incorporates an anti-theft mechanism, which means you’d never have to worry about your bike getting stolen.

The Angell have 4 operating modes: Fly Fast, Fly Dry, Fly Eco, Fly Free. As the name suggests the Fly fast mode is kind of like the turbo mode where Angell propels you to 25km/h in no time. Fly Dry is what I’d call a fun play on words, as it implies you won’t break a sweat in this mode; Angell will help you along as much as possible. As one would imagine the E-bike would give its maximum efficiency in the Fly Eco mode, and in case you ever feel like going old-school and pedal unassisted then the Fly Free mode has your back.

Incorporated App and Other Features

An impressive feature is that Angell comes with a mobile app that doubles as a GPS to help you navigate to your destination of choice. The app integrates with the display on the handlebar of the E-bike where you would get a concise view of the navigation. What’s more is that the app will also log your fitness goals and calorie burn and display it on the screen.

Angell is well backed up in case you ever require assistance, which is only a phone call away. Apart from these neat features, Angel incorporates most other features we have come to expect from E-bikes today, including Hyperbolic lights, additional assistive lighting, smart signals, and even a fall alert feature. I think the Angell is a neat little E-bike and shows promise on following through with making a mark on the E-bike market. The can be bought here for around $2950.