Thundertruck is futuristic EV that’ll make Cybertruck seem ordinary

The idea of a multi-purpose electric truck is so intriguing – after all, it brings an expanded dimension of utility, style, off-roading option and the thrill of riding a rugged four-wheeler that has minimal carbon footprint. Cybertruck has already fueled our inner adventure seeker, and now Thundertruck betters it a level up.

The electric vehicle penned by Los Angles-based design agency Wolfgang takes a detour from current automotive design principles with a peak off-roading performance fit for urban riders. This performance EV is inspired by the Australian Outback with a vision to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts as well as generation-Z. The Cybertruck inspiration for this bold vehicle can also not be denied, and its beastly persona is destined for a post-apocalyptic world.  

Bat Wing Awning

The MUV has a unique solar-enabled Bat Wing Awning (as the makers call it) which expands at the push of a button when the vehicle is parked for camping expedition. It suffices the need to power on-board accessories like a built-in induction stove, a slide-out refrigerator, mini kitchen, and AC. This also doubles as a shade from the summer heat for outdoorsy people who like to cook and chill in the open by their ride’s side.

The cargo bed on the rear has enough space to load ATVs or bikes for extended expeditions. The sidesteps on the truck give easy access to the 6-foot cargo bed for loading and unloading essentials required for off-roading trips.   

From 4×4 to a 6×6 monster

Thundertruck is not just a cool angular-looking vehicle, and it packs plenty of punch to take on any terrains; on and off-road. It can shoot from 0-60 mph in just 3.5 seconds thanks to the high-grade electric motors. Since it is meant for treacherous off-roads, the advanced driver assistance systems minimize driving errors.

Wolfgang has conceptualized the MUV electric truck in two versions – 4×4 which churns out 800 HP and has a range of 500 miles on a single charge courtesy of the 180kWh battery. The other one is an extendable 6×6 variant that seems to have dropped straight out of a Transformers movie plot. It is powered by the 210kWh battery delivering 940 HP and gets additional 2WD traction. The bed on this one gets a 4-foot extension, taking the total length to a good 10-foot.   

Both versions have an excellent ground clearance of 14.5-inches with the approach angle set at 48 degrees and the departure angle at 82 degrees. Given a choice, we would definitely go for the 6×6 variant!

There is no word on how close the electric truck is to hitting production but the company is already in talks with partners to make it a reality soon. According to them, if the Thundertruck meets fruition, it could have a price tag of around $70,000.     

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