Toyota chops $20,000 off the 2021 Mirai

One of the more interesting vehicles that Toyota produces isn’t available everywhere. The vehicle is the Toyota Mirai, and it’s a green car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. The vehicle launched two months ago and carries an MSRP of around $50,000. It’s only sold in areas where there is a hydrogen fueling infrastructure, meaning certain parts of California.

Toyota wants people to buy the fuel cell-powered car and is offering a massive $20,000 discount off the MSRP. Along with that massive discount, buyers can also get zero percent APR financing for six years. While $20,000 certainly sounds like a big discount, it’s easier for many people to think about monthly payments.

It would work out to somewhere around $139 per month less in payment, thanks for the no-interest financing alone compared to higher rates. Then you get to chop the $20,000 discount off along with any available state and federal rebates for electric vehicles. 

The 2021 Mirai starts at $50,495, including the destination charge. Chop the $20,000 off, and that brings the car to $30,495. It’s only sold in California and qualifies for the California Clean-cut vehicle Rebate of $4500, making it $25,995.

That means the green fuel-cell-powered car is essentially priced on par with the Prius. Those who prefer to lease such a strange vehicle can also get over $9000 off on the car. Making the deal even sweeter, Toyota is still offering a $15,000 fuel credit. This means that the Mirai, which looks very expensive at first glance, is one of Toyota’s most affordable green vehicles.

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  • Joe G
    Posted March 11, 2021 7:58 am 0Likes

    So if I lease, I pay 16k and get 15k free fuel? So the whole car cost 1k to drive until the fuel runs out? Where do sign up?

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