Toyota C+Walk T three-wheeled electric scooter features obstacle detection

Single person electric scooters are a convenient and environmentally-friendly way to commute in urban settings. Now to empower people with limited mobility, Toyota has launched its three-wheeled electric vehicle called the C+Walk T.

C+Walk T is a small, lightweight and portable electric scooter, which has a very low profile to enable easy boarding and alighting. The base is only 150mm high. The scooter also ensures it is comfortably used in walking areas since its span is almost the size of a person and it travels typically at human walking speeds.

A nice ride

Toyota has launched the electric scooter with security features to ensure the commuters are safe when on a ride. The C+Walk T features obstacle detection, which beeps to alert the rider to “avoid collisions with obstacles or pedestrians ahead.”

Owing to its interesting design and functionality, the electric vehicle is aptly designed for elderly users involved in security work in large facilities, or for tours inside parks. The scooter comes fitted with a removable lithium-ion battery which can charge fully in under two hours.

Range and other details

On a single charge, the C+Walk T can travel up eight and a half miles at a top speed of six miles an hour. For ease of maneuverability, the electric scooter features an accelerator and a brake on either side of the handlebar. And in the center is a small screen that displays the battery status and speed.

As said, the C+Walk T is envisioned primarily for the elderly in large facilities like warehouses, and for travel of those with limited mobility in airport terminals et al; recently the vehicle has been approved by the government of Japan for public roads as well which broadens C+Walk T’s use case. It is now available in Japan for approximately $3,100 – no word on global availability as of now.