TWA hotel turns an old plane into a retro cocktail bar

We’re getting used to this: old planes being turned into hotels or Airbnb spaces. To be honest, we want to try maybe once or twice but we don’t think we’ll try to more. There’s that sense of knowing and feeling that the old plane may have figured in an accident. But when a place is turned into something as luxuriously vintage like this TWA hotel project, you’ll maybe not want to leave at all.

The bar is located outside JFK airport. If you see a 1958 lockheed constellation strainer airplane, that’s it. It’s a vintage airplane turned into a bar with vintage feel inside. This themed cocktail bar is perfect for those who want the luxury vintage experience from decades ago.

A Mix of Vintage and Modern Style

The interior was renovated and with mostly the original design. If you’ve flown an older plane before, you may notice the old elements like the passenger seats in plaid, window curtains, and the cockpit. Everything is “old” here and so expect to be taken down memory lane.

The TWA hotel designers also paid homage to the architect who worked on the TWA terminal. Eero Saarinen’s table designs are used here. There are also several references to his works.

Vintage Everything Found Here

How vintage is vintage? The retro cocktail bar offers vintage drinks like cocktail swords. For the younger crowd, the mid-century board games may entertain you.

The interior styling was led by Sara Duffy of Stonehill Taylor. You will notice vintage and modern designs being combined in this bar. Apart from the plaid seats, the middle area comes with red suede sofa seats for the more lush look and feel.

The 1960s aesthetics are very evident here. Just like the glamourous TWA terminal and now hotel, this retro bar offers vintage luxury not many people know about. At least in this retro-themed cocktail bar, you can experience the glamour of the olden days.