UJNG Tabi Footwear Slip-Toe Sneakers are actually slip-ons

It’s Christmas in a few days. We’re not done with all the shopping. We’re also not done checking out winter footwear.

Maybe it’s all about boots for this season but there are still a few sneakers we’d dare wear while in the snow. It’s not ideal what we still want to look “cool” while feeling cold. 

Perhaps something designed like a Tabi will do it. We remember seeing Tabi pairs in the past like those from Maison Margiela. There’s the Maison Margiela x Reebok Classic Leather Tabi Bianchetto, Fleece Tabi Mocassin , and Maison Margiela Reebok Tabi Instapump Fury Oxford

Tabi Footwear Slip-ons 

The design is Maison Margiela’s favorite but another brand wants to take advantage of its popularity. UJNG, a company based in London, is bringing the Tabi Footwear brand’s newest split toe offering. 

Obviously, the brand offers Tabi shoes. The latest is a slip-on available in black and white. It delivers the classic traits of tabis—simple, stylish, and functional. Unlike the Tabis from Magiela, the pair is affordable. 

Tabi Footwear Slip-on Design

The Tabi Footwear slip-on high-top trainer features Tencel Flyknit. TPU, and an EVA outsole.  It doesn’t have much detail but the split-toe design says a lot—Japanese simplicity. 

The  Tabi Footwear can be purchased on UJNG. Price tag reads £140 GBP which is about $185.