UNDONE unveils Popeye and Brutus monochrome watches

UNDONE has some exclusive custom watch designs and Popeye dive watches have been at forefront of them all. After giving us playful colored iterations of the cartoon sailor man, UNDONE has launched a Monochrome series concept spearheaded by two new UNDONE Popeye Mono and UNDONE Brutus Mono watches that should appeal to the spinach lovers and horological enthusiasts alike.  

With their amazing designs, these two watches pay tribute to the cartoon character they evoke like never done in the past. This is partly also because the new watches are part of the brand’s most exclusive series and its offered in a very detailed and intriguing black and white layout of the existing design.

The casing and layout

The stylish new limited edition Popeye Mono and Brutus Mono both arrive in matte black DLC-coated 316L stainless steel casing. While the Brutus Mono, as you’d expect, is the bolder watch of the two, it comes in 43mm case which is 16.5mm thick. Reminiscent of the traditional dive watches, the beefier Brutus Mono features polished numerals slightly risen on its dive bezel.

On the contrary, the Popeye Mono is a smaller and slimmer timepiece but it shares design language with the Brutus Mono. The desirable watch measures only 40mm wide and stands out with its bi-directional rotating bezel featuring Zirconium Dioxide Ceramic insert. The Popeye Mono comes with a signed display caseback with a frosted effect to allow a slight peek at the watch movement within.  

Other details

Common to both the Popeye Mono and Brutus Mono is the printed dive indices is white on a grained matte gray dial. Graciously poised on the dial are Popeye and Brutus – in their individual iterations – with their comically muscular arms serving as functional hour and minutes hands.

Both the watches are powered by Seiko NH35A automatic movement beating at 21,600 bph and offering the watches 42 hour power reserve. The UNDONE Brutus Mono comes on black rubber strap whereas the Popeye Mono is paired to a black DLC-coated oyster-style bracelet made in 316L stainless steel. Being diver watches the two have variations in the water-resistance levels.

The Brutus Mono is 300m water-resistant, while Popeye Mono is restricted to 100m. The watches are limited to 100 and 300 examples of UNDONE Brutus Mono and UNDONE Popeye Mono priced at $599 and $699 respectively.