KAPITAL KOLA Caps: Handcrafted, Katsuragi cotton with cutesy design

The Japanese are widely known for fashion. It’s not just the European countries that are popular for setting trends and style. Japan offers its very own sense of fashion. It’s mainly kawaii like many things from Japanese pop culture.

KAPITAL is one brand that is known for its cute but functional denim items. We’ve only featured Kapital here once when we included the Fleecy Knit Alpine Hooded SWT Khaki in our summer trend list last year.

Kawaii KOLA Caps Come with Cutesy Design

KAPITAL Handcrafted Katsuragi KOLA Caps

KAPITAL just introduced a set of handcrafted Katsuragi KOLA Caps. Cute baseball caps from the brand is enough to convince the market to buy from Kapital but these are handcrafted.

Well, most clothing items and accessories are handcrafted but the caps come with special embroidery and beading. Each cap is crafty yet comfortable with the use of Katsuragi cotton.

The new cap collection features caps in six different colors: burgundy, gray, mint green, pink, orange, and olive. Each cap comes with a cute and quirky beaded caricature of a man with an afro, a woman, duck, bird, rabbit, and dog. Each one also comes with different letters: C, H, L, N, P,and V.

Distressed Design Becomes an Art Form

The look is distressed but the 100% cotton cap is still made with quality courtesy of a six-panel construction and a flexible brim. As with most baseball caps, the Katsuragi KOLA Cap by KAPITAL comes with an elongated tonal backstrap. It doesn’t have a squatchee (button on top of the cap).

KAPITAL’s Katsuragi KOLA Cap is priced at $168 (18,480 yen). You can get it from the brand’s official website.

Note the distressed design. Don’t think the product is used because it’s not. The silhouette is meant to look that way. It may look old and weak to some but it’s not. It still is sturdy and ready for everyday use.