Useful iPhone accessories that will never leave you wanting

iPhone 13 is one of the finest gadgets you can own right now, ideally for its camera prowess and multitasking finesses. Since it’s a prized possession, you’d already have it protected with the range of cases and covers on the market. To make sure the iPhone never leaves you high and dry, you must pair the device with accessories that will never leave you wanting.

Most iPhone users will instantly bring out their MagSafe compatible cases and believe they have it all covered. Truth be told, there are other fine accessories that you can have in your bag; for instance, a wireless charging pad, a flash drive or even money or multi-tool holder that fastens to the back of your favorite case. If you’re interested, we have listed below some of our favorite accessories.

Anker 726 Charger (Nano II 65W)

Apple’s not shipping an adaptor in the box anymore. Thus, if you have an adaptor from the previous phones, you should be covered. But there is still a chance you’d want to upscale to a more versatile option. The Anker 726 Nano II 65W charger for instance can fast charge the iPhone 13 without the hassle of overheating. The integrated GaN II technology ensures the size of the adaptor can be decreased without sacrificing the power output, while the charger’s foldable plug makes it ultra-convenient to pack when traveling.

Lifeprint Portable Photo Printer

How many times have you captured a beautiful shot of you toddler that you wanted to frame, but had to for days before the print could turn up! Now that problem can be sidelined with this Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled portable photo printer from Lifeprint, which can print photos directly from your iPhone only at the push of a button. Capable of printing large, 3×4.5 photos, the printer comes with its own app that lets one share photos with friends and family anywhere in the world. Moreover, it also lets you print live photos.  

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

It’s not very easy to transfer files between an iPhone and PC, to that effect, something like the iXpand flash drive makes a good intrusion. The flash drive with a flexible connector can fit through almost all types of iPhone cases to allow the user to conveniently transfer files, videos and photos from the phone. Most appropriate way to free up storage on your phone and transfer the contents to a different device at USB 3.0 transfer speeds, the iXpand is very compact to carry in the pocket. 

Backbone One Gaming Controller

iPhone 13 is one mean machine for mobile gaming with its 120Hz Retina XDR screen and A15 Bionic chipset. But without the shoulder buttons and dedicated controls, gamers often lose out. To give back the gamers power in their hand, Backbone One game controller makes a perfect accessory with tactile buttons, low latency connectivity, ergonomics, and responsive analog triggers. The controller attaches through the iPhone’s Lightning port and offers players with ultra-responsive gameplay.

mophie 4 in 1 Wireless Charge Pad

Alongside the iPhone 13, you’ll have a range of other Qi-compatible devices, which you’d want juiced up. This is where the mophie’s 4 in 1 charging pad comes into play. The rectangular mat can easily accommodate the four devices – two smartphone size and two smaller earbuds or smartwatch size devices. Interestingly, the mat has a special add-on for charging an Apple Watch, which means you can even wirelessly charge up to five devices together with this smart accessory.