Vans Anaheim UA Era 95 DX trainers wipe the classic appearance for spray painted approach

Synonymous with canvas shoes, Vans is known for its bold approach to colors and designs. The footwear brand has no reservations to exploring dimensions that most companies may fret and the same is exhibited in the Anaheim UA Era 95 DX that’s blowing away the classic appearance for a spray painted approach.

People generally resort to spray painting shoes when the same color tends to blow them nuts. Vans’ idea to deliver a spray painted pair of Anaheim UA Era 95 DX trainers may seem strange or unusual but it’s really exciting on the face value.  

The spray painted silhouette

The rainbow of colors dotted over the canvas upper exude a spray paint effect that makes the silhouette irresistible for sneakerheads with penchant for colors. If you are bored of the same color sneaker, here’s a canvas pair you can adorn and never feel redundant anymore.

The spray painted shoe with black toe box and heel has white upper which is splashed with shades of yellow, green, blue, orange, red and black. The black eyelets of the Vans silhouette nicely secure the black laces to complement the entire canvas draped in the gamut of colors.

The talkative sole

The exorbitant upper is just one magnificent part of the Vans Anaheim UA Era 95 DX. Interestingly, the vulcanized while sole of the trainers is inscribed with doodles and slogans like “Those aren’t Vans” and “Get the real thing — get Vans.”

The Anaheim Spray Dots Black trainers are available right away through Offspring. Each pair of Vans is priced at $86, for fans, that’s a definite deal!