Vans Trek Slip-On is immensely flexible, rinsable rubber shoe

Vans has made a categorical statement that there lies a sea of opportunity in footwear industry beyond the canvas and it wants to capitalize on it. Some traditional canvas enthusiasts may render these cheap and rubbery but if you’re outdoorsy you’d understand the significance of a washable, quick-dry slip-on in the summer heat.

The first of its kind footwear from Vans is dubbed Trek Slip-On and it’s the brand’s maiden rinsable shoe designed to match your stride on a gentle hike, during a game of volleyball at the beach or reassuring camping by the lakeside.

The design

The Trek Slip-On is inspired by the idea of a shoe that has benefits of a sandal yet a covered silhouette of a shoe. Designed to be lightweight and wearable at all times, the shoe comes with Vans authentic durability and rinsable combination.

It is made from single-piece of injected rubber and owing to its drainage holes (also for additional breathability) makes these very easy to clean no matter how dirty they happen to get in the outdoors.

Takes everything you throw at it

Good to be worn on sand, gravel, dirt or whatever the condition, the Vans Trek Slip-On with oversized reverse Waffle sole is immensely flexible and a pair you can rinse and re-use almost instantly.

Featuring a checkerboard pattern upper the Trek Slip-On is supplied in four color options – black, green, blue and purple – green being our favorite! If you want a perfect beach shoe you can also hike in, get this pair of Vans for $55.