Vase by Su is selling Rolex Submariner-inspired flower vase

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the idea of a vase in shape of Rolex Submariner – first divers’ wristwatch waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. But take nothing away from Vase by Su, the studio that excels in making sculptural flower vases.

After molding the iconic Air Jordan 1 sneakers as a flower vase, it has us enthralled with this vase designed after the most popular Rolex watch. Not just is this stunning in appearance, it is very intricately detailed to match the Submariner in every bit.

The R S 16610

Vases can find many practical uses at home. You can add a piece on the table in the entryway or on the bookcase in the bedroom but this one is unlike them It is completely functional as wall clock. You can hang it up and showoff your fad for Rolex and flower in this one single unit.

Dubbed the R S 16610 the vase is designed to depict the dial of the Submariner. It is incredibly detailed with similar hands, date window at 3’o clock set to ‘7’ for good luck, the Rolex’s logo with model name just where it is on the wristwatch.

Monochromatic allure

The R S 16610 is not just detailed on the watch front, in fact it is a tactful vase too. Vase by Su maintains the Submariner’s classic bezel style. Between the bezel and the dial is a hollow space to place the flowers. The studio has wisely chosen back roses and other monochromatic elements on the vase.

Available for purchases right away, as you’d have guessed, it doesn’t come cheap. In fact, it’s priced at a whopping $1,661 – not for the average Rolex fans at all.