What to wear: Five men’s wardrobe essentials for spring 2022

The world is of the notion that a true mark of a gentleman is being brash and as bold as brass. In case you believe the same, someone has recommended you a wrong gentleman journal. I strongly believe the world is devoid of debonair gentlemen. A true mark of a gentleman is someone who opens the car door, takes a woman on a fancy dinner date, offers the lady his coat (in case it is cold), and then drops her back home. In a nutshell, what makes a man a gentleman is neither an athletic body nor an attitude, rather it is manners and presentation. And we will be discussing the latter aspect in the article below.

Presentation not only revolves around what you wear but has got a lot to do with how you choose to carry yourself. With changing seasons, a man must constantly keep tabs on his wardrobe, especially during the spring season because it’s that part of the year when temperatures are constable soaring in the noon followed by a gentle breeze in the evening. With heat brimming in the afternoon, a man must dress light and also take care of the evening attire for the chiller night to follow. In case you are left confused about what to wear, we’ve got your back with five men’s wardrobe essentials to don in the spring.

Cuban Collar Shirt

Available in an array of colors, a man should have 50 shades of Cuban collar shirts in his wardrobe. The prime reason is it’s snazzy, vintage, and voguish at the same time. I won’t recommend you to wear it to the office but it’s a perfect shirt for a beach party or an outing with your friends. With half sleeves and an open collar, it is very airy and comfortable to wear. In case you are worried about matching it with its lower counterpart, trust me it goes well with both jeans and casual trousers.

Denim Jeans

Once you are done donning the Cuban collar shirt, it’s time to find classy trousers that compliment the upper wear. While some may argue pairing a cargo with a Cuban shirt but trust me a blue pair of denim is the go-to fabric for the spring season. And what better than putting on a fancy and all-time classy pair of jeans. Whether it’s hot, cold, or pouring cats and dogs; nothing outclasses the quality of denim jeans. It is great spring wear that adds an unparalleled relaxing vibe to the entire attire.

White Sneakers

Primarily designed for sports and physical exercises, sneakers have developed a cult status over time. They are a part of our casual wear and an embodiment of fashion. A sleek silhouette goes well with both jeans and a Cuban collar shirt. A white sneaker is the perfect footwear for the spring, whether you’re mucking around on a beach or camping at a high altitude.

Aviator Sunglasses

A man’s wardrobe is incomplete without a good pair of sunglasses. In case you have waited the long winter to flaunt a fancy shade, this is your time. The aviator sunglasses should be the ideal choice for spring which not only add a style quotient to your clothing but also protects you from the harsh sun. Aviators are versatile in nature and suit every man unless you haven’t devolved back to an ape.

Analog Watch

I can’t imagine a man’s wardrobe without an enticing watch. Spring is probably the time to flash your old-school analog watch wrapped around your wrist. Featuring an hour hand and a minute hand, it’s a simple, classic, and timeless piece of accessory to rock your wardrobe with. As a mark of a sophisticated gentleman, it goes well with every single item mentioned in the list.