Widescape WS250 world’s first stand-up snowmobile is fuel-efficient and nimble

I’ve always dreamt of being a bounty hunter on an escapade to kill the mountain giant aka the abominable snowman, Yeti. If it was the 18th century, I’d be riding a sleigh pulled by white wolfs to accomplish my mission. Hundred years down the line, I’d choose a jet ski that pierces snow smoothly and bring me one step closer to slaying the giant. But we are talking about 2022, and I’d probably require a standup snowmobile for the task.

Off-trail adventure is fun and I’ve always believed that there are two kinds of trail adventure lovers: Those who burn fiercely in the flames of fear and those who stew slowly but overcome the fright. It’s totally up to you whether you want to be a whiner or a winner. Well, there are no Yetis, giants, beasts, or goliaths to slay in the present day, but our own fear of never pursuing an adventure stands. For those who genuinely love snow adventures, Widescape WS250 is the winter wolf, you should rely on.

Sleek and stylish  

For all the wilderness wanderers, Quebec-based company, Widescape, has introduced WS250, the world’s first stand-up snowmobile which comes in a unique and attractive design. First thing first, it doesn’t have a seat because the snow beast is designed to be ridden standing up.

An amalgamation of dirt bike and snowmobile, the WS250 is built around aluminum chassis and an HDPE (high-density polyethylene) plastic body. It is equipped with a rear suspension with four inches of travel and 1.5 inches of stanchion.

Weighing below 200lbs, it’s nimble and even fuel-efficient. With its compact design and impressive buoyancy, one need not worry about getting stuck in deep snow any longer. An LCD dashboard screen with odometer and speedometer, heated handles, and an optional USB port further assist the rider and keep their grip intact.

Top speed of 43mph

It will take you fifteen minutes to get the hang of the snow vehicle, the company informs. Once you do, the snow beast delivers a top speed of 43mph, which is mindboggling, considering you’re driving off-trail, not on a highway.

WS250 is equipped with an automatic CVT transmission, implying the only thing rider needs to worry about is twisting the throttle, rest tech will do for you. The WS250 is powered by a fuel-injected liquid-cooled 242cc engine with an electric start, which is highly reliable in rough conditions.

Easy to maneuver through forest trails, the rider should ideally be standing on the anti-slip platform but do keep your grip firm (safety matters).  If this doesn’t pump your adrenaline, I don’t know what will! In case you are looking for an active, immersive driving experience; the WS250 is open for preorder now starting at $6359.