Wild Rover Mobile Irish Pub brings a bar to your doorstep

The Wild Rover is a pub on wheels, traveling across Vancouver Island, providing drinks at people’s doorsteps. Resembling a classic Irish establishment, this mobile pub is created to bring your favorite drinks to you amid the pandemic times.

The Wild Rover is the first of its kind in British Columbia. This quaint pub is also available to rent for various occasions including weddings, festivals, corporate events, and more so that you can enjoy special events with your close ones in your driveway.

The Wild Rover

According to the co-owner Danny Hamilton, the idea to build a pub on wheels has been brewing for quite some time, but the arrival of the pandemic hastened the construction process. The Wild Rover is designed to imitate the look of the traditional Irish cottages.

The pub measure about 2.5 meters wide and 5.5 meters long, and can fit about 12 people at a time. The bar has four taps to serve whatever drink you prefer from beer, cider or prosecco. It has a policy of “bring your own booze,” so the users can stock the bar with any hard liquor of their choice. 

Classic Irish Structure

Imitating the whitewashed stones of traditional Irish establishments, the cozy little pub became instantly popular. As soon as the pub was available for rent about a week ago, bookings came pouring in in abundance. Every inch of the tiny pub has been made to look like the classic structures of the Emerald Isle.

The Wild Rover features many hangings, offering glimpses into the beautiful Irish countryside, which provide a striking color contrast to the white walls; while a small fireplace is also there to keep you warm. Plenty of windows give an airy feel to the small unit, with stools and a bench to provide enough seating.

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  • Renee Holt
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    Awesome idea!!😆 Is it expensive to rent for the day?

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