World’s first airbag jeans to protect bike riders from fatal accidents

Riding a powerful bike surely gives one an adrenaline rush but the inherent dangers cannot be ignored. One small mistake and you are in grave danger of inducing life-threatening injury. While the four-wheeler counterparts are cocooned in safety of airbags, bike riders would desperately do with this option.

Into the picture comes this affordable airbag technology for motorcycle riders. Initially developed as a mandate for professional racing, the airbag technology for bike riders has now trickled down to average users, and we can’t be more excited.

Protection for lower body

Swedish firm Mo’cycle got down to creating jeans airbag technology in 2016, and now they are all set to bring this life-saving tech to two-wheeled riders. Everything right from the patents, approvals, and prototypes have been finalized. To this end, sales are expected to start next year, and in a few weeks’ time the company is set to launch its crowdfunding campaign.

Compared to the torso airbags which inflate electronically, the Mo’cycle airbag jeans are triggered by the mechanical tether which inflates the CO2 canister to provide the cushioning element. While this covers the impact protection, the abrasion resistance is taken care of by the jean’s outer made out of UHMWPE fibers. This material is 8 times lighter and almost 17 times stronger than steel.  

Loaded with smart sensors

The idea seems way better than just strapping on knee caps or protective armor. Mo’cycle airbag jeans protect the legs, thighs and hips in any kind of impact with the tarmac if the rider has an accident. The current prototype demonstrated by the Swedish company comprises air bladders underneath the riding pants. In the event of an accident, the bladder inflates within a second and the pants break away to facilitate the expansion. The consumer version of these jeans will come loaded with sensors to automate the process as soon as there is a need.  

Along with the protection for legs, Mo’cycle has a collection of coat, jacket, and vest crafted out of space-grade materials for superior protection. Getting decked in the whole collection would any day be better than ending up with multiple fractures. The price of protective apparel for bikers has not yet been revealed, but we expect to have a good idea once the crowdfunding campaign is launched.