World’s first fully lossless Bluetooth adapter for audiophiles

Bluetooth adapters turn any old wired audio equipment like headphones or speakers into wireless ones. There’s a flood of such adapters on the market, but the devil is in the technical details.

Most of these Bluetooth adapters at their best use the fairly old Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Result, the audio quality and the latency on these ones is nothing much to talk about. Most of them are marketed touting the high-end lossless audio feature, but that makes no difference.

Fully lossless audio LE adapter

Meet the VOCE LE Bluetooth adapter which is the world’s first adapter to use the Bluetooth 5.2 standard that truly brings fully lossless audio to the fore. This is highly valued by music lovers who have sensitive ears – capable enough of filtering the average from the good.

The adapter claims to bring considerable low latency audio to your entertainment regime – be it high action gaming or action sports viewing. Even better VOCE has the capability to broadcast audio to multiple devices. It has a range of 30 meters and built-in microphones too.

Multitude of features for digital life

For creative people, VOCE is nothing short of a great accessory to have. You can enjoy HD audio without compromising or being forced to buy expensive TWS headphones or earbuds that promise lossless audio. Also, it has recording capability – perfect for video content creators or podcast creators.

This cool accessory overshadows every other run-off-the-mill Bluetooth dongle – bringing a new dimension of possibilities to your nerdy setup. The gadget is currently up on Kickstarter for funding and it’s not surprising that it has already amassed more than nine times the funding goal with more than 35 days still to go.

VOCE is understandably up for early pledges at a hugely discounted price of $69, and the retail price, later on, is going to be much higher. So, if you like the idea already, now is the time to secure one for your digital life.