Xbox Series S suitcase – A winnable merchandise for traveling gamers

Men who are frequent travelers and also happen to have a knack for playing games on their gaming consoles have a hard time mixing both these passions. Or do they? That’s because Microsoft has joined hands with high-end suitcase manufacturer July to give Xbox fans the opportunity to win a special edition gaming accessory that compares to none.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator has arrived for the Xbox’s latest breed of gaming consoles, and Microsoft wants to give the gaming fans a reason to step out of their geeky dens. Of course with a reason to not miss their intense gaming sessions wherever they may fly to.

Gorgeous Xbox Series S suitcase

This is the Xbox Series S suitcase that’s the prize for lucky winners of a social media contest underway for residents of Australia and New Zealand. The luggage contains the Xbox Series S gaming console, two wireless controllers, accompanying accessories and a portable ASUS ROG Strix XG17 display for no-holds-barred gaming sessions.   

The luggage is custom designed adapting the Xbox Series S console’s color schema and design – both on the inside and the outside. Everything seems like a perfect fit – something that gamers value a lot. After all, playing Flight Simulator would never be the same on this amazing setup.

Social media contest details  

The contest is meant for the two aforementioned nations’ residents older than 13 years of age – and ones under 18 years of age require consent from their parents or guardian. It is already underway and will go on until 11:59 pm AEST on August 2, 2021. Some influencers have been sent the all so desirable Xbox Series S suitcase and it looks absolutely dope we have to admit.

While all you gamers might be eyeing this special edition suitcase, for now it isn’t up for buy. The exclusive package is estimated to be around $3,285 – with the display alone clocking $490. Microsoft has in the past too demonstrated their knack for creating such special edition creations – like the Xbox Mini Fridge. That said, we eagerly hope this suitcase can be bought in the coming future.