xSuit 3.0 is machine washable suit made from wrinkle-free, stain repelling fabric

xSuit set out to change the way men approach their suits a few years back. Now after the success of its first two iterations, the forward-thinking fashion brand is back with xSuit 3.0 made from super stretchable material, which is wrinkle-free and can be washed directly in the home washing machine.

Designed to go everywhere you may want to throw out your sweats and don a suit without having to sacrifice comfort. Wearing a suit is not an uncomfortable task anymore; the xSuit 3.0 is billed as the most comfortable suit ever made to make a man look sharp, modern with of course the comfort of athleisure.

World’s first fully fused suit

The xSuit 3.0 is crafted from improved new fabric, which is way better than the previous options. The suit is designed to fit like a tailor-made with embedded comfort and versatility yet capable of being tossed in your home washing machine for thorough cleaning.     

The xSuit 3.0 is completely wrinkle-free, machine washable and it’s made utilizing a fusing technique that betters the stitching used in ordinary suits. This makes the 3.0 so comfortable that you can sleep and wake up for a corporate meet in it without worrying about the wrinkles.

More details

According to the company, the xSuit 3.0 is made from ultra-stretchable material that is twice as stretchable as the previous options from the brand. This revolutionary 8-way stretch fabric is also stain repellent. So you can go to the parties without the fear of spilling a glass of wine on a night of heavy drinking.

For the benefit of men of substance, the xSuit 3.0 is available in three enticing colors. Jet black, midnight blue and graphite color suits are all available in custom sizing starting at $445. The suit will be available from August 23.