You can now own Nerf’s Mandalorian Phase-Pulse Blaster to shoot foam darts

The formidable bounty hunter Din Djarin takes on the wrath of the galactic opponents as he protects The Child. His weapon of choice – the Phase-Blaster, gets him through close fights. Now you have a chance to have one in your living room for bragging rights?

Lovers of The Mandalorian are in luck as Nerf has created a jaw-dropping replica of the Amban Phase-Pulse Blaster. You can actually buy this one right away for $119.99 – virtually nothing gets better than this for a Star Wars fan.

Shoot foam rounds with Star Wars-themed sounds

The replica weapon is more than four feet long (50.25-inches) with all the fine details of the original one. Of it does not fire real rounds but comes complete with 10 silver-colored foam Nerf Elite darts, Star Wars sound effects, electronic scope, and illuminated lens.

Detailing on the toy is highlighted by wooden texture, inlaid bracket, gold-colored details, and the weathered finish to accentuate battle wear. Oh and if we just forgot, you need 2x 1.5v AAA batteries for those cool sound effects and lens illumination.

Nerf blaster for sci-fi fans

To get into the fun – just load the dart, then pull back the priming handle and pull the trigger. If you want to shoot more rounds, just push forward the white handle under the scope. Getting right into the Mandalorian vibe – well you need to figure out who’s the Baby Yoda who’s going to use the Force to protect you when the chips are down.

There is no word on how far the range of fire is, but don’t expect it to get you through a street skirmish. Fact that this Amban rifle is a life-size imitation of the one shown in the blockbuster series, makes it even cooler – especially for Mando fans.