Zero Labs’ electric platform turns vintage cars into novel EVs

The strong wave of electrification of vehicles is catching up with more and more automotive manufacturers, seeding ideas for a cleaner, greener future. In a bid to keep the old vintage cars on the road without sacrificing on the zero-emission targets, Zero Labs Automotive has something novel up its sleeve.

Being in the limelight for the electric-powered vintage car Ford Bronco and the Land Rover Defender, the Los Angeles-based automotive company has revealed the world’s first completely electric platform for classic cars – now that sounds like a plan!

Zero-emission EV conversion for classics

When compared to modern day cars, the classic ones are a nemesis for the environment and less safe. Therefore Zero Labs has taken this initiative to transform “the most beloved classic gasoline and diesel vehicles into clean energy heroes.” They have been testing and developing the concept for quite long and now it’s ready for all vintage car lovers out there.

This electric platform is going to come with rebuilt frames along with independent rear and front suspension system to adapt to the vehicle that’s sitting on top of it. The electric power will come courtesy of the 85-kWh/100-kWh battery pack, and the rear-mounted single electric motor churning out 300 hp.

Past meets the future

Talking about the practical aspect, the 100-kWh battery version coming with the optional Level 3 DC fast charging will have a mileage of around roughly 235 miles. Other perks come in the form of optional 600-hp dual motor configuration, and the all-wheel drive variant for performance advantage in tough terrains. 

The talking point of this electric car platform is the freedom to upgrade the battery and the software over time, thereby making it future-proof for years to come. To give the users more insight about their ride, Zero Labs brings the custom digital gauge cluster and the cheeky vehicle diagnostics on the hidden screen and even on the app connected smartphone.    

According to Zero Labs CEO and Founder Adam Roe, “Millions of classic vehicles are being left behind or are on their way to being outlawed in many countries as early as 2025 so we are racing to help global customers prepare for this transition.”

At this point, Zero Labs is making the electric platform available for vintage off-roading cars build from 1945-1975, muscle cars before the 1975 era – the likes of Ford Mustang, two-door coupes of 1948-1975 (like Porsche 911), and pickup manufactured in 1947-1975.