Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz in Crystal Black Blue now available

The first and only time Acne Studios was mentioned here was more than a year ago. The brand isn’t exactly part of our list of the most popular fashion houses but we consider it within the mid-range category. It’s no Nike or Adidas but we like how it comes up with some of the more interesting designs in the market today. 

Acne Studios is a known brand found in some luxury shopping spots we identified in Hong Kong. It’s a Swedish luxury fashion house that is within the range of Zara. It usually offers unique yet stylish designs for the fashionista. 

Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz Design

Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz Crystal Black Blue

Sneakerheads may be in for a treat as the Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz is another pair of hybrid sneakers.  At first glance, you may think of a pair of sandals. It’s actually a combination of mules and mary janes with sneaker aesthetics. It appears sporty in the same way the Maison Margiela x Reebok Classic Leather Tabi Bianchetto has combined classic silhouette with a bit of couture. 

The Bolzter Bryz is the brand’s hybrid sneakers that combines several shoe trends. Those mary janes may be designed for the ladies but who says guys couldn’t wear them. The pair doesn’t actually look like mary janes but we see there is the velco strap fastening. It also comes with an open collar. The mule part is shown by the slingback-style heel.

Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz Hybrid Sneakers

Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz Crystal Black Blue Launch

The sneakers look like they are ready for running or trekking. We can’t exactly recommend the shoes for serious outdoor hobbies but we believe the pair can definitely be a headturner especially with the simple, black textile mesh and black faux suede. 

The sole is unique as it uses the Bolzter design in semi-translucent blue tone. You can still consider this one for hiking for its design. The  rubber black mid-sole section is rounded out with a heel tab on the rear and a rope lace running around the shoes. 

The Acne Studios Bolzter Bryz Crystal Black/Blue is available for $500 (€420) on It’s a bit expensive but you pay for the design, aesthetics, usability, and maybe even novelty.