Airbus Creative Studio lets you customize a dream cabin in VR

The idea of configuring vehicles as per the owner’s choice started with custom cars. A few posh and rich brats consider customization as a style statement, while others just want a roadrunner not so look-alike to any other automotive gear on market. As a result, a huge number of custom cars are substantially altered to improve their performance and look. Bigger the budget, the better the pimped car!

What started as a fad became fashion through the years; now we are cruising above the clouds from the ground to see Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) opening a creative studio for the ACJ TwoTwenty ‘Xtra Large Bizjet’ in Toulouse, France. If you are a little doltish with aviation and tech, let me put it in simple words. ACJ New Creative Studio would allow customers to visit its premise and design their own luxury interior. There would be a team of ACJ designers and technical specialists who will be guiding the customers and advising them on what could possibly be altered.

Configure your jet with VR assist

Now, once you are clear with the fact that ACJ creative studio helps customers decide how to configure their ACJ TwoTwenty luxury jet cabin, the big question is, how would it all happen?

A customer isn’t a designer or an architect to blueprint a map or produce a rendering and hand it over to the technical team? So, how does one guide them? Well, the answer is virtual reality. The studio used VR technology that allows customers to configure the design of their choice. It is further complimented by configurable customer-specific mock-ups.

So, if you are a potential buyer, all you need to do is visit the creative studio. Once you are inside, you can see what the layout and interior of the jet look like in a full-size projection of the cabin on the floor of the studio and make desired changes to it. The customer gets to choose the ambiance, lighting, and other nitty-gritty details for their jet. In a nutshell, the creative studio caters to all your needs from soup to nuts.

A little about ACJ TwoTwenty

Spanning over 786-square-feet, the hand-on-personalization jet is divided into six configurable zones. Seating up to 18 VIP passengers, the jet features a cinema lounge and a bedroom with a king-size bed. There is also an en-suite bathroom and a second home cinema screen to make the flying grandeur for you and your guests. Apart from envisioning your aircraft interior, the customer also gets to select the desired material for the build.

Augmented with VR, the customer also gets to shortlist the fabric, carpet, wood veneer, and even the plated metal finishing. Powered by Pratt and Whitney GTF engines, the ACJ TwoTwenty is capable of flying up to 10,500 km (5,650 NM) for over 12 hours. Furthermore, the jet also offers the highest bandwidth satellite connectivity.