Alexander McQueen Tread Sandal out in three different colors

 Alexander McQueen is a name popular among the fashionistas. Not many will agree about the brand’s design philisophy but if you’re the brave type, you will love the fashion label’s love for game-changing and creative designs. 

In the past, we have seen the Alexander McQueen Air Bubble Sole Leather Sneakers. The luxury designer brand showed off its signature style. The new pair we’re featuring is not far from the bold design  Alexander McQueen is known for—the Alexander McQueen Tread Sandal speaks loud and proud. 

Alexander McQueen Sandals for Summer

Alexander McQueen Tread Sandal Green

The pair is perfect for summer. It’s not always about having fun sneakers but people, in this new normal, are now looking for more practical pieces. A pair of sandals is just right for the season—in this pandemic world. 

The Alexander McQueen Tread Sandals are available in three colors: Black, Ultramarine, and Khaki. The last two are basically just blue and green—more like, vivid blue and army green.

Alexander McQueen Tread Sandal Design

Alexander McQueen Tread Sandals

The sandals have open toe. The pair looks chunky but that’s the look Alexander McQueen is going for—oversized. The design is based on the Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker and Tread Slick. 

The sandals may be chunky but it is comfortable to wear with the ergonomic footbed design. The upper uses  leather and webbing strap with rubber tabs. The  treaded outsole bears some minimal branding. 

Alexander McQueen’s Tread Sandal is listed for $690. You can check out the Alexander McQueen store and online