Asian countries you can visit now despite the ongoing pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has halted economies, disrupted businesses and messed up all vacation plans. Almost every country in the world has been affected by the virus. Many are still in lockdown phase, while others are opening their borders for tourists; however there are still many travel restrictions at most borders.

Many Asian countries, such as China and Japan, were impacted early on, therefore they were the first ones to control the outbreak and reopen the economies. However, reopening processes vary significantly across the continent. While some countries have been reopened for tourism, others remain under strict travel restrictions. Here is all you need to know.

Countries you can visit

Turkey was among the first countries to remove its travel restrictions, while Maldives opened their borders for international tourism on July 15. Thailand is also getting prepared to reopen tourism next month. China had allowed tourists from a few selected countries.

Borders have begun to reopen slowly in Hong Kong for tourists with a few restrictions such as a required proof of negative COVID-19 test taken within 72 hours of departure and a mandatory two weeks quarantine for US travelers. South Korea is fully open for tourists, despite the massive surge of coronavirus cases. Singapore, India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan have also reopened tourism for travelers from selected countries, with a few restrictions.

Countries closed for tourism

Japan is closed for foreign tourists, although domestic tourism with a few mandatory procedures has been allowed. Malaysia is prohibiting international entry, with certain exceptions, until December 31. Israel has also not reopened its borders for tourists yet.

Sri Lanka’s reopening plans have been pushed back, with no dates announced. Meanwhile, Nepal began commercial flights but the country still remains closed for foreign travelers. Indonesia is most likely to remain closed for tourists until next year, given the severity of the outbreak in the country.