ASICS launches Metaspeed Sky and Metaspeed Edge for runners of all styles

The pandemic has not made outdoor running any easier. Many long distance running events and marathons have been called off because of the rising COVID-19 cases. But for when the world returns to some sort of normalcy and the runners need new rhythm for their feet, ASICS has designed two new pairs of running shoes keeping all styles of runners in mind.

Dubbed the Metaspeed Sky and the Metaspeed Edge, the two – striking red and black – pairs are made purposefully to support your running style. Every runner has a unique running style but largely there are those who “gain speed by increasing their stride length” and those that “increase both their step frequency (cadence) and stride length.” No matter your style, either of the two pairs has you covered.

Metaspeed Sky  

Designed primarily to allow runners like yourself to go faster with longer strides, the ASICS Metaspeed Sky comes with a taller FF Blast Tubro midsole and has Flytefoam cushioning to support the impact generated from height gained from taking longer strides.

With the advanced full-length carbon plate, the shoe gains more stability and propulsion during running with long strides. The silhouette features a breathable mesh upper predominantly in red color with a shade of black around the heel collar and tongue. For extra traction on all sorts of running surfaces, the Metaspeed Sky comes with ASICS’s own ASICSGRIP outsole.

Metaspeed Edge

As opposed to Metaspeed Sky, Metaspeed Edge is made for runners that increase speed with cadence and stride length. Just like in the Sky, the FF Blast Tubro midsole of the Edge also helps increase forward propulsion with cushioning response from the Flytefoam packing. 

The Metaspeed Edge is identical to the Sky in build and style but structurally has a slightly different stack height making the pair ideal for runners with long strides and increased step frequency simultaneously. 

Price and availability

The Metaspeed Sky is available right away from the ASICS webstore, in all sizes, starting at $325. The Edge variant of the shoe is expected to start retailing in June 2021. There is no word yet on how the Metaspeed Edge will be priced.