AVIEW’s slip-in colored lens sunglasses is the ultimate pair you’d want

Sunglasses that let you switch lenses have been on the market for a while now. These add significantly to fashion and functionality, allowing users a multitude of options. For instance, you can flip between light and dark tinted glasses depending on the light condition you’re venturing into.

To offer another decent advantage, AVIEW eyewear arrives with the freedom to switch from prescription glasses to sunglasses easily and lets you transition between different lens colors on a whim.

AVIEW eyewear

These glasses from AVIEW offer a viable alternative to regular, single lens sunglasses. These are more versatile, cost-efficient, and convenient, presenting interchangeable lenses that can be swapped depending on the mood and the lighting condition.

AVIEW slip-in lenses are thin, UV-protected and polarized, and leave behind the world where you have to pay premium price for a pair of sunglasses with one rigid color lenses. With one pair of AVIEW glasses now, you can choose between an array of customizable lens options, pick the color you want to wear and move on in full confidence.

Choice of colors

The AVIEW’s patent-pending interchangeable lenses let you wear between black, blue, yellow, green, brown and rose colors. And if you wear prescription glasses, you can slide in one of these colored lenses in front of the clear prescription lens to switch to sunglasses mode intently.

Thankfully then, with the AVIEW you can save yourself the trouble of carrying both a pair of spectacles and sunglasses in your pocket/bag. Simple wear a frame and keep swapping between the tinted lenses as inspiration evolves during the day. AVIEW has introduced circular frames priced at $99, provided with slip-in lenses costing $19.99 each, sold separately.