Awesome NASA Retro Galaxy Lamp wants to land on your nightstand

One of the coolest types of lamps ever created was the lava lamp. While the lava lamp certainly reached the height of their popularity in the 1970s, they’re still very cool and relaxing to look at. Anyone who’s into space or just wants a novelty lamp to decorate their office or apartment will want to check out the NASA Retro Galaxy Lamp.

It sells for £34.99 and has water with a blue tint and red “lava” that bubbles up inside. The coolest part about it is that this is an officially licensed NASA product, and it has the NASA logo on the base of the lava lamp. The entire lamp has a very retro design and looks like a rocket that Marvin the Martian could’ve landed in.

The lamp stands 50 centimeters tall and is made of metal, glass, and wax. The light/heating element inside requires an R50 E14 40W bulb, which is included. If you hadn’t gathered from the pounds sterling pricing, the device uses a plug design for the UK use.

Anyone outside the UK who finds they have a serious hankering for their own rocket lava lamp may need to find a friend in the UK and have it shipped over. Lava lamps are cool, but my childhood memory is of them being extremely hot, so we wouldn’t recommend touching them.