Balenciaga Bulldozer Boot now up for pre-order

A couple of weeks ago, we shared with you a pair of boots that we know will turn heads on the street. Not that a cool guy like you need a lot of attention but any new pair from Balenciaga can attract attention.

The Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini has been ready for the new season. It has another version that can cover a portion of your legs. It’s not really knee-high but the Balenciaga Bulldozer Boot can protect your feet from the cold weather. 

Balenciaga Bulldozer High-Top Version

Balenciaga Bulldozer Boot

No, we don’t think it’s ideal for walking in the snow for long even with the chunky design. The new high-top version is made from 100% vegetal calfskin leather. The boots are black and come with the same thick, toothed rubber soles found on the Bulldozer Mini. 

The Made-in-Italy pair adds some height to the wearer. It has the same squared-off rubber midsole and rounded toe. The classic Balenciaga logo is embossed in the middle of the exterior outsole for that subtle, classic branding. 

Balenciaga Bulldozer Boot Design

Balenciaga Bulldozer Boot Price

Because the boot is high, it may be a challenge to wear but its wide opening helps. There is also a pull tab—one on each side. Inside, the leather insole offers some warmth and comfort. 

The  Balenciaga Bulldozer Boot is more expensive than the mini version at $1,190. The pair is now open for pre-order on Balenciaga’s online store