Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boots ready for the new season

It’s Fall season which means time to bust out your boots. If you’re a real sneakerhead, you probably also have a lot of pairs of boots especially the more special and expensive releases.

We have seen a few designs recently that may be perfect for the season like the Yohji Yamamoto Y’s x Dr. Martens Classic 1490 Boots . There’s also the Telfar x Ugg  Winter 2021 Collection but for those who like more classic but edgy shoes, then you may want to look at this pair from Balenciaga.

Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boot in Black

Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boot 2

The Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boots are from the Fall/Winter 2021 Collection. It’s a pair of slip-on boots made from vegetal calfskin. The sole unit is obviously thick rubber and is something that you can’t ignore. 

The Bulldozer in the name perfectly describes the pair. The rubber midsole looks tough and rugged with the toothed design. Yes, it looks tough but we doubt you’ll wear the pair for anything that is hardcore. 

Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boot Design

Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boot Price

Each boot comes with eight teeth that can support the foot across the sole. There is the rounded toe for a more classic look. The heel is squared off while the throat and the tongue are wide-fit. 

The low-top boot is a slip-on so it’s easy to wear and take off—no need to tie laces. The leather insole is where you will see a Balenciaga branding. On the underside is another branding but is very subtle in black. 

The Balenciaga Bulldozer Mini Boot  is priced at $995. You can purchase from most Balenciaga boutiques and the online store