Nike Air Max LEBRON VII made more modern

Nike just always does it for all basketball fans. Whether you’re a hardcore fan or not, we know the thrill of checking out what’s new from one of the top shoe brands in the world today. Why do you think we regularly feature Nike? No, these are not sponsored posts. We simply believe in the products and hey, we know a lot of sneakerheads.

For Nike, it’s all about coming up with new designs of rubber shoes there they are for basketball or running, training and gym, football, baseball, gold, tennis, volleyball, or just about any sports category. There is no shortage of reinventions to see and try. Evolutions are normal in shoe style as long as a collection sells.

Air Max Lebron Goes Vintage

Some of Nike’s most popular shoe lines include the Air Jordan and Zoom Kobe. There’s also one after LeBron James. The Nike Air Max LEBRON VII is a new addition to the lineup that’s been in the market for ten years already.

The Air Max LeBron is a basketball pair that uses a Max bag featuring an increase in Air by 80% compared to a previous full-length Max bag as described. It is actually more of an improved version.  It’s made stronger and slimmer. The pair looks more modern but still boasts some of the technology from before.

Old Design Gets a New Lease in Life

The Air Max LEBRON VII was designed by Jason Petrie. It may remind you of some Jordans but this one looks cooler in Cool Gray. Get a pair and imagine you’re Lebron James receiving his MVP award.

The Nike Air Max LEBRON line is already ten years old. We don’t expect it ending soon because “King James” still sells. He’s not all hype because he definitely delivers whether on the court or off-court.

The Nike Air Max LEBRON VII (Nike Air Max Lebron 7) was released last October 29 through Nike Sportswear.