Bang & Olufsen and Cisco create business headset for hybrid users

The pandemic has triggered a radical shift in work cultures, as professionals have been forced to go for hybrid working regimes. A work culture that demands complete isolation from the external noise while still being crystal clear for calling and music listening.

Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen and enterprise solution experts Cisco have joined forces to bring a pair of luxury headphones for this very hybrid culture. The headphones were announced at Cisco’s WebexOne virtual collaboration event The prowess of B&O in deriving superb audio from a well-designed headphone, combined with Cisco’s integrated meeting controls and secure communications is something worth appreciating here.

Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980  

The luxury business headphones are tailored for professionals who want a set of cans to use for work, during the daily commute or at home. These headphones come with industry-leading functionality and connectivity along with the advantage of Webex integrations, voice prompts and ergonomic on-ear controls. Truly a perfect combination of form, function and technology for end-user solutions.

Coming from the house of Bang & Olufsen, the headphones reproduce studio-quality audio and the beamforming microphone for that Virtual Boom Arm. To focus on tasks at hand, the headphones employ the microphone array for Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation. Bluetooth 5.1 brings fast connectivity with paired gadgets for a seamless workflow.

Enterprise level hardware and software protection

Comfort is at the forefront here as Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 has a very lightweight build. The structure is engineered out of high-end materials for a very balanced fit – highly useful for wearing all day long.

The business headset works with Cisco’s cloud-based end-to-end encryption for business apps or tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google video communication platform. This ensures the communication is kept secure at all times – right from business calls to your private conversations with co-workers.

Bang & Olufsen Cisco 980 headphones will be up for grabs from early 2022 at an asking price tag of $549. Whether they’ll be able to outsmart the popular offerings like Apple AirPods Max Sony WH 1000XM4 or other audiophile headphones, will be much clearer when we hook them up for testing when they arrive.