Best indoor hanging plants you can easily maintain

Houseplants bring a splash of color and a natural vibe to the indoors. If you don’t have any potted plants in your living space, consider introducing a few plants to create an effortless style and ornamental look. Better yet, take your decor to the next level with hanging plants.

Hanging plants instantly elevate a wall with its practical function and aesthetic appeal. Nobody can resist the charm of the trailing, vine-like greenery that brings the great outdoors into your space. Here are a few gorgeous hanging plants that can help you make the indoors truly enchanting.  


This extremely popular succulent is a flowering member of the daisy family, which grows long stems lined with beautiful green ‘pearls.’ The string-of-pearls plant has tiny beads dangling on long stems, often cascading over the edges of the planter. It is typically displayed in hanging baskets or pots to increase its aesthetic beauty. Like most succulents, this plant requires low-maintenance and infrequent watering, once about a month.


Pothos is adaptable to most conditions and is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. It is known to be one of the best plants for purifying air, making it an amazing pick for your house. It is also called devil’s ivy as it is almost impossible to kill and it stays green even when kept in the dark. You can hang pothos near your bed or anywhere in your house for better air purification, with its variegated leaves trailing over the pot adorning the space.

Spider Plant

Spider plants have long strappy leaves, arching stems with small plantlets on the end and fleshy, tuberous roots. The tiny plantlets can be planted to grow new plants. This classic plant requires low maintenance, moderate lighting and occasional watering. You can hang it on your balcony or inside any room to enliven the interiors with bright green foliage.


Commonly known as air plants, owing to their tendency to grow even without soil, tillandsia has become a favorite among indoor gardeners. This close to no-care plant needs bright light and occasional watering through misting. Most people hang air plants in glass terrariums filled with colorful accents. You can grow tillandsia in a glass globe hung in a visible spot, gracing the space with its delicate beauty.

Trailing Jade Plant

The trailing jade plant is a member of the peperomia genus that does best in hanging baskets, where it can cascade, and also in terrariums. This trailing plant species require high humidity and grow well in steadily moist soil. Overwatering can damage its root system because it has small roots. Its circular leaves and thin stems grace the space with a subtle and gentle aesthetic.