Best sports masks for extra safety and breathability

With the pandemic still looming over us, it is best to keep all safety measures in place because prevention is better than cure. However, the prospect of wearing a protective face mask during sports activities seems as daunting as ever. Many face masks make it difficult to properly breathe when you are running or playing, but there are some sports masks that offer extra breathability and safety from airborne infectants.

Exercising and sports already cause us to breathe heavily and if your mask does not filter the air and help improve breathability then it doesn’t make sense in using it now, does it? Here are a few sports masks that will protect you from virus particles and are best for running, cycling, and working out.

Under Armour US Sportsmask

With many attractive features, the Sportsmask is perfect for athletes. It offers the required airflow and the best fit for running or training without suffocating you. Its structure has a wire nosebridge and soft fabric to make it feel light and comfortable. Its polyurethane open-cell foam is both breathable and shielding, while the stretchy ear loops make it effortless to wear and remove when needed.

HaloLife Nanofilter Sports Mask

The HaloLife sports mask features the advanced HALO Nanofilter technology to help you breathe comfortably while keeping you and those around you well protected. The protective layer of the mask filters out over 99 percent of pollutants. It is designed to contour your face. It has a soft antibacterial bamboo lining inside and a unique structural quality to hold the mask away from your face. It is perfect for workouts, yoga, and jogging, biking and other activities.

Oakley MSK3

Designed for sport enthusiasts, Oakley MSK3 face mask is crafted with seal, filtration, fit and eyewear integration in mind. It features two filter options for air filtration and breathability. The high-quality, disposable filter can remove 95 percent of particles and pollutants. The frame of the mask is made from medical-grade silicone, highlighted by an aluminum bar embedded in a gasket around the nose. It comes with adjustable straps for perfect fit. 

The Well Movement Mask Pro

The Well Movement mask is made from 50 percent cotton and sweat-friendly polyester and spandex. It features adjustable ear loops, offering extra fit and comfort. There is also a lanyard attached to it so you can wear it around your neck for easy access. The moldable nose pad is the best feature of the mask, which ensures that it fits snugly on your face. It is a perfect fit for morning jogging or running sessions.

Carbon38 The Mask Kit

Carbon38 The Mask Kit features two masks that are made with a blend of polyester and cotton. The masks dry fast and help you stay cool. The adjustable ear loops provide comfortable fit. With a multi-layer filtration system to help keep airborne particles at bay, the fabric of the masks has antibacterial qualities. The masks come in two sizes along with a laundry bag for washing. These are ideal for low-intensity workout.