Beyond books, these are the best gifts for bibliophiles

Books are the best gifts a bibliophile can ever receive from anyone, but buying them a book is a bit of a gamble. What if they already have acquired the book you are getting them? What if it’s not their preferred genre? Well, it is best to leave the book-buying to the readers and get them something wonderfully meaningful to support their favorite pastime.

There are many things that can make their reading routine all the more pleasant. You can’t go wrong with luxurious items such as blankets, mugs or scented candles, which will make them comfortable as they pore over their favorite book. To help you find your bibliophile friend the best gift, we have listed a handful of things that are not books and will make them smile.

Ember Temperature-Control Ceramic Mug

A hot cup of coffee and a book pair perfectly. For a book lover, this high-tech mug can keep their beverage at an exact temperature during the long reading nights. Ember is the world’s first temperature control mug that can keep your coffee or tea warm for up to an hour if unplugged and all day long if you keep it in its charging saucer. The best part is that you can carry it with you on your travels.

Kindle Paperwhite

There are many die-hard fans of physical books who do not like to read digitally but can’t carry multiple books with them and see the benefits of being able to download and read new titles anywhere. This waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is an amazing gift for a reader, with no eye strain, fantastic battery life and access to library and Kindle Unlimited books. You can simply pack it in your bag and always have over 500 books with you all the time.

ModernTropic Home and Spa Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Many people enjoy reading in the bathtub and this ModernTropic Home and Spa Bamboo Bathtub Caddy is perfect for such people. This rack is adjustable to most tubs and sets the space for reading-adjacent essentials like a wine glass or a fragrant candle. It is made from natural bamboo wood, with a removable organizer tray compartment. It also has waterproof cloth support to hold your tablet or phone upright.

Literary Collection Candles

Paddywax Store’s Library Collection candles are a treat for all the bibliophiles in your life. Paired with favorite quotes with delightful scents, these candles pay tribute to well-loved authors from Jane Austen to William Shakespeare. Each of these soy wax candles present a blend of captivating notes that evoke the spirit of author for which it is named. These candles come packed in a gift box adorned with an author picture, bio and stamped labels.

Invisible Hanging Metal Bookshelf

Every book lover has more books than they can read and need a sturdy bookshelf to hold the weight. If you know someone whose shelves are overflowing, help them elevate their favorite reads with the assist from this Supershelf. Featuring a miniature superhero, the shelf connects to a hidden shelve, giving an appearance as if they are hovering in thin air. It can be placed anywhere in the home for organizational and decoration purposes.