Big picture just got bigger with Kodak’s nearly 18-feet Inflatable Screen

Nothing really compares to the enjoyment of a movie night out with friends or family. While the theaters still remain devoid of viewers (in most parts of the world) for a good part of two years now; the best way to organize a special outdoor movie night is to set up an inflatable screen.

Inflatable screens are available dime a dozen on the market. It is not easy to nail down one for your requirement – since size of the screen is not the only condition separating an ordinary option from the best on offer. Your purchase decision will be weighed by portability, flexibility and the viewing quality of the screen. Kodak has rolled out a mammoth inflatable screen that checks all the boxes and is ideal for the largest of backyard events.

The Kodak screen

Arguably, you could go out and project a movie directly on the garage wall, why do you need an inflatable screen? The screen is a crisp and excellent option designed especially for the purpose and gives you the best possible color and picture quality.

In the pursuit, The Kodak Inflatable Screen measures 17.5 feet diagonally and 10.3 feet tall. Within the inflated frame is an impressive 14.5 feet screen with 16:9 ratio that will exponentially inflate your viewing experience. 

Other features

The mammoth inflatable screen from Kodak is water and weather resistant making it durable for all kinds of backyard events you conjure up to entertain family and friends. The screen comes with its own electric pump that can inflates it in a matter of minutes.

After you’re done with the projection business, the screen can be deflated and packed away in an easy-to-store and carry bag. Easy to setup and store, Kodak Inflatable Screen should be your natural choice for entertainment in family gatherings, parties and other outdoor events.

If you’re interested, you can pick a 17.5-feet Kodak Inflatable Screen along with an electric pump, tie-down rope, and necessary stakes for $359.99. Kodak is selling the weather-resistant screen for an offer price of $239.99 currently. It is also available on Amazon.