Bollywood choreographer charms his wife with customized Batmobile for birthday

A Batmobile is itself the most intriguing cars there is. The vehicle the caped superhero drives in his fights against crime is now customized as a gift from a loving husband to his beloved wife in India; making the fabulous car the best gift to receive.

Ahmed Khan is a choreographer, director and producer in Bollywood. He has recently broken into the limelight for gifting his wife a custom-built Batmobile as a present for her birthday. All the celebs and their wives in the B-Town are now asking, where’s their present?

Super expensive gift

Baaghi 3 director Ahmed Khan presented the luxurious gift to his wife Shaira Khan on the occasion of her birthday on August 21. The rare ride was only revealed by Shaira through her Instagram post recently. In the gorgeous images of the Batmobile, Shaira can also be seen posing with her black beauty.

This one-off Batmobile is a prized possession in the Khan family which is generally known for its love for cars. The dream car for many Batman fans, this rarity is modeled after the Keaton Batmobile from 1989, Shaira notes in her post on Instagram.

The making and more

Reportedly, this limited edition Batmobile took over eight months to arrive from the US, where it is believed to have been manufactured by Gotham Motors in Ohio. On arrival in India, the Batmobile was assembled by Executive ModCar Trendz (EMT) in Mumbai.

EMT is the same company that was hired by the famous Poonawalla family to add wings to their Mercedes S350 pimped into a Batmobile. While Shaira’s Batmobile is winning over the internet, there is no price attached to this custom build; so if you were thinking of a gift for your wife, keep accumulating your stocks!