Bonbowl induction cookware prepares instant single serve meals

Living spaces are getting constricted with the rapid urbanization therefore there’s a surge in demand for efficient and space-saving equipment for everyday chores. Kitchens in particular are getting smaller – from traditional stoves to minimalist portable cooktops, kitchens have undergone some big changes.

Bonbowl is small induction cookware specifically designed to address the constraint of cooking space. Intended for small apartments and dorms, the new personal induction cooking system prepares single-serve meals without any fuss. It can easily cook scrambled eggs, noodles, oatmeal, pasta, and more without requiring much space.

Bonbowl: A faster option

Bonbowl has two parts, the induction cooktop base and a specific bowl for cooking. The device is small enough to sit on a petit kitchen counter but is big enough to serve a belly-full of meal for one. It plugs into a standard outlet and generates heat much quicker than gas or electric burners.

Incorporating a faster and more efficient induction heating technology, Bonbowl uses less power and the heat is only generated within the conductive object while the cooking surface itself remains cool to touch. This is dishwasher-safe and comes with a double-walled stainless steel bowl, which can be used to cook and eat.

Instant meals

This innovative new hardware can prepare instant meals with the touch of a button. It aims to reduce the cooking time so you can have any meal, any time. The company website also offers a number of included recipes, which use easily-available ingredients and can be prepared within 15 minutes using the Bonbowl.

Cooking times and temperatures are put in through a tempered glass touch-sensitive interface. Built-in temperature sensors proceed to notify when the bowl has reached the desired temperature and maintains it. The Bonbowl is available with either an uncoated or non-stick bowl, priced at $149.